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Does drinking too much coffee make you nervous and irritable?

From the July 2011 issue.

Research from Germany’s Association of Nutritionists has found that at a certain point, the caffeine boost associated with coffee wears off, leading to a loss in concentration, increased nervousness and irritability, according to a report in BBC News Update.

Lucie Nusbaum from the Association of Nutritionists says once this breaking point has been reached, further cups of coffee will be ineffective in improving concentration or performance.

“The general rule is that coffee works quickly for a short length of time and the effects wear off,” Nusbaum says.

Coffee gives a short-term boost to the body’s blood pressure and when this boost fails to arrive, this can affect the head and lead to withdrawal headaches.

According to Nusbaum, a cup of coffee first thing in the morning can give a boost that lasts the entire day, although the effects only last between 10 and 30 minutes for people with normal blood pressure.

Nusbaum adds that the dependence of coffee is no more than a habit and that if a person wants to give up coffee, they will have to wait some time until feeling fully normal again.

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