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TCE visitors get a taste of the Mavam Espresso

From the September 2015 issue.

Service Sphere raised the coffee show bar once again when it gave The Coffee Experience visitors the chance to check out the Mavam Under Counter Espresso Machine (UCEM).

The super sleek UCEM from Mavam Espresso Machines is handmade in Seattle, United States and distributed in Australia by Service Sphere.

Designed by renowned espresso machine technician, Michael Gregory Myers, the under counter interface can be installed up to eight feet from the boiler unit with no loss in temperature stability.

Michael said his main focus, and one of the major challenges, was maintaining temperature stability.

“It was not an easy task figuring out the solution – the testing was endless,” said Michael. “But the under-counter machine just makes sense. It’s a clean and simple solution to show off the art of extracting and preparing espresso based drinks.”

Michael said the concept of the machine comes from the beer industry, and watching bar tenders discard an imperfectly poured brew.

“I always thought about how often we get served mediocre shots of espresso because we can’t see what’s going on,” said Michael. “This led to endless drawings of finding a slim design that can hold the group head and all the components while still being easy to service.”

Michael said the Mavam ensures transparency between the barista and the consumer.

“The customer can see exactly what’s happening in the brewing cycle. There’s nowhere to hide,” Michael said.

Although Michael had made his way to Australia to answer any Mavam queries, an over-zealous Australian customs officer crushed his Coffee Experience dreams.

Co-founder Terry Ziniewicz, who was part of a team that popularised the bottomless portafilter, was called in at the last minute to fill his spot.

If the crowd of onlookers gathered around the Mavam were anything to go-by, Terry’s TCE appearance did not disappoint.

In front of a buzzing crowd Terry demonstrated the machine's temperature stability using a scase device. After pre-infusion, he applied pressure for 600 seconds – the machine did not loose temperature beyond one tenth of a degree.

“This project had moved from no one talking about it, to everyone talking about it,” Terry said. “It’s been a crazy six to seven months.”

Service Sphere joined Sensory Lab and Huhtamaki to complete the Brew Bar partnership.

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