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Coficom’s Dariusz Lewandowski discovers the Byron Bay Shire

From the October 2012 issue.

Coficom’s Dariusz Lewandowski provides an insight into Australia's rare subtropical coffee-growing culture.

I’ve travelled and lived in a few countries in my lifetime, but I have to say, Australia is certainly one of a kind. Amazing blue skies, pristine flora and fauna, abundant nature and spectacular beaches, have made people around the world envious of Australians.

I like to post Australian pictures on my Facebook page to make my friends jealous, as it seems that the skies here are bluer than anywhere else. What is less well-known about this country is its homegrown coffee, both in Australia and around the world. Early last year, soon after I moved here, I started learning about the Australian coffee-growing business, working with Andrew Mackay at Coficom. I remember in our initial talks we had some semi-serious strategic discussions, where we put Australian coffee high on the agenda. I started counting the days until my first Northern Rivers Journey.  

The day finally came, and I left Sydney early in the morning, stopping a couple of times to grab some coffee along the way. It’s a long drive to do on your own, around 760 kilometres, but watching the passing landscape kept me busy along with the sounds of the passing radio stations. I realised then how huge New South Wales is; you can fit France and the United Kingdom all in the one state.

I arrived at Byron Bay early in the afternoon and gulped two short blacks in a row at the Fundies Whole Foods Café, a small coffee shop that offers organic, locally-grown beans.

The coffee-growing industry as it is today is relatively new to Australia, even though some coffee was grown in Queensland and northern parts of NSW between 1890 and 1920.

To read the aricle in full, see the October issue of BeanScene


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