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Cirrus FIne Coffee
Coffee News

Cirrus Fine Coffee holds breakfast with sustainable ethos

On 13 December, Cirrus Fine Coffee held a sustainable breakfast at its Port Melbourne roastery. At the breakfast, held with sister companies Australian Ecosystems and Biofilta, William Angliss College graduating student chefs prepared food with sustainable produce from Cirrus Fine Coffee’s on-site pop-up farm. The farm uses nutrients from composted coffee grounds to feed its produce. 59
Gaggia Milano
Coffee News

Evoca Group announces Gaggia Milano relaunch

Coffee machine manufacturer Evoca Group announced the relaunch of Gaggia Milano, presenting a new range of machines at an event … 55
Strange Café
Coffee News

Strange Café in Tokyo employs robot barista

Henn na Café (Strange Café) in Tokyo, Japan, has established a fully automated production line, using a robot named Sawyer … 81
Square Australia Coffee Report
Coffee News

Square Australia Coffee Report reveals country’s most popular coffee drink

The 2018 Square Australia Coffee Report has revealed that, despite total sales decreasing from 43 to 33 per cent since … 100
Coffee News

Xtracted Espresso Solutions announces importing partnership with Synesso

Equipment supplier Xtracted Espresso Solutions has announced the formation of a direct importing partnership with Seattle based espresso machine manufacturer … 76
Industry profiles

How Parmalat Professional gets milk from cow to cup

Cow number 125 is always first to Stanvale Farm’s milk station each morning. Number 6389 is always one of the … 0 51
Industry profiles

Cofinet introduces honey and natural processing to Colombia

Prior to 2015, Colombia produced coffees for quantity, not quality. All of the country’s coffees were washed processed due to … 0 86
New Zealand
Industry profiles

NZSCA’s returning champions

The end of July saw two returning champions crowned at great competitions held in Auckland.  L’affare Melrose hosted a record number of 34 coffee … 0 54
Han Tran
Industry profiles

2016 Vietnam Barista Champion Han Tran makes tracks

There are two traditional types of barista in Vietnam according to Han Tran: those that work in street vendors selling roadside … 0 188
Australian Subtropical Coffee Association
Industry profiles

Australian Subtropical Coffee Association on Australia’s home-grown history

“You grow coffee in Australia?” I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve been asked this question.  For the record, … 0 116

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Black Russian Caravan Bar

Campos Long Island

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Third Time Lucky

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Astoria Storm

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Satake FMS2000-F

Anfim Pratica

Anfim Pratica

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Mythos Two Gravimetric


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Proteins with purpose: why milk curdles and how to avoid it

If you regularly make soy coffees for your customers, you have probably noticed that soy milk is often harder to work … 295

Service Sphere’s top five benefits of telemetry

The internet has made it easier than ever to stay connected, and telemetry allows café owners and operators to take … 183

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