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Coffee News

Coffee News

Coffee Masters – New York applications close soon

Time is running out for Australian participants to apply for Coffee Masters – New York with applications closing 31 August. … 52
Coffee News

Lavazza chooses Australia for new product launch

Due to a growing demand for organic coffee, the Lavazza Group has selected Australia to be the first market in … 68
Cold Brew coffee by Julius Meinl
Coffee News

Julius Meinl launches cold brew and iced tea range

Vienesse coffee roaster Julius Meinl is expanding its cold drinks offerings with the launch of a new Cold Brew coffee … 65
Coffee News

Seven Miles to host Generation Automation event

Seven Miles Coffee Roasters will host a Generation Automation event on Tuesday 21 August at its Manly Vale roastery.  At the free event, Seven Miles will ask participants: can an automatic machine really do the job of a skilled barista? The event will showcase the latest automated equipment from brands including La Marzocco, Eversys, Sanremo and more. Guests will learn about the future of equipment automation from Seven Miles’ Coffee Science and Education team, and have the chance to play with some leading coffee equipment. 86
Coffee News

MICE launches an Espresso Bar – participants wanted

The Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE) will create a dedicated Espresso Bar for the first time in 2019.The Espresso Bar will offer roasters the opportunity to showcase their coffee in half-day blocks across the three days of MICE2019, taking place from 7 to 9 February, 2019.To make it easy, MICE is taking care of the build, roasters just need to bring their coffee. 80
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Can coffee really give you cancer?

Dr. Monika Fekete explains whether coffee is carcinogenic and how roasting contributes to the production of acrylamide.0 50
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The big freeze: why there’s no longer a barrier to coffee freshness

Imagine going into a café in five years time and asking the barista for a look at the vintage menu … 0 147

A Brazilian commitment

On the day I spoke to Jose Francisco on 8 May, Monte Alegre Coffee was a hive of activity on … 0 141
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Califia Farm’s plant power

In 1980, Greg Steltenpohl bought a box of oranges and borrowed a couple of hundreds bucks to buy a hand … 0 114
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Seven Miles Coffee Roasters digs deep

For the past 50 years, Seven Miles’ Coffee has shared its roasting expertise with hundreds of Australian cafés and thousands … 0 179

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Service Sphere’s top 10 troubleshooting tips

Your machine has thrown a wobbly in the middle of service. There’s a line of customers outside your hole-in-the-wall window … 314

A Storm’s brewing

The start to the Astoria Storm release video mimics that of any major motion picture: background music, landscape pan and … 440
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Eversys’ Cameo appearance

When 2012 World Brewers Cup Champion Matt Perger made a speech about his involvement in the development of Eversys’ new … 663

Tapping into water filtration

Baristas strive to control each element of coffee production, from processing methods and roasting through to grind consistency and temperature … 719

Wega’s Urban legend

When Italian machine manufacturer Wega looked to make an imprint on the specialty market, it looked no further than Australia … 639

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