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Coffee News

Coffee News

Seven Seeds to host 2018 Australian AeroPress Championship tonight

The 2018 Australian AeroPress Championship is taking place tonight at Seven Seeds tonight from 5:30pm – 10:30pm. The space-themed event … 15
Coffee News

Tilly Sproule wins ASCA Northern Region Barista Championship for fourth time

Tilly Sproule of Tim Adams Specialty Coffee has won the Australian Specialty Coffee Association (ASCA) Northern Region Barista Championship for … 43
Coffee News

illycaffè and Lavazza release DNA sequence of Arabica coffee

An illycaffè and Lavazza-led partnership has released the first full genome sequence for Coffea arabica, which aims to prepare the coffee industry for climate … 42
Coffee News

Jessica Godfrey joins Coffee Supreme as International Marketing Manager

Coffee Supreme International has appointed Jessica Godfrey to the newly created role of International Marketing Manager. “Although we have had … 94
Coffee News

Veneziano to host Women in Coffee talk

Luiz Rodriguez Saldanha, Co-founder of Capricornio Coffees, will speak on the Matão Women in Coffee project at an event held … 62
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Australian Barista Champion Craig Simon’s long way to the top

Indian activist Mahatma Gandhi once said that champions are made from something they have deep inside of them  – a … 0 115
Industry profiles

Bombora Coffee + Water Supplies looks at the latest filters

Filter brewing in its simplest form is coffee extracted with hot water. There’s always many brewing variables that can impact … 0 78

A model Costa Rican farm

October is Eduardo Gurdian’s favourite month of the year. It’s the start of crop season, when weather conditions are optimal … 0 131
Industry profiles

Why café hot spots are driving property prices up

When real estate agents make their opening address on why a property is deserving of your hard earned dollars, they … 0 90
Knowledge Leader

CQI’s Mario Fernández on myth busting

Coffee Quality Institute’s Technical Director Mario Fernández is determined to bring coffee processing into the forefront of flavour control, but warns it comes with full responsibility.0 181

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Service Sphere’s top 10 tips for healthy espresso equipment

Maurizio Marcocci of Service Sphere addresses preventative treatments to avoid an unnecessary trip to the doctor and keep espresso shots … 140

Puretec perfecting water

When it comes to achieving the perfect water recipe to complement coffee, it’s a careful balancing act. Mineral concentrates, chlorine, … 212

Service Sphere’s top 10 troubleshooting tips

Your machine has thrown a wobbly in the middle of service. There’s a line of customers outside your hole-in-the-wall window … 461

A Storm’s brewing

The start to the Astoria Storm release video mimics that of any major motion picture: background music, landscape pan and … 562
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Eversys’ Cameo appearance

When 2012 World Brewers Cup Champion Matt Perger made a speech about his involvement in the development of Eversys’ new … 786

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