2023 World Coffee Champions announced

2023 World Coffee Champions

LiangFan, representing China, has been crowned the 2023 World Latte Art Champion.

Lu Daoqiang of China placed runner-up, and Bala Shao Sing Lin of Taiwan placed third at the World Coffee Championships, which took place at the Taiwan International Coffee Show from 17 to 20 November.

For his finals routine, LiangFan presented rooster, kangaroo and dinosaur latte art designs, combining the use of circles and Boolean arithmetic to create all three patterns.

“Although dinosaurs have gone extinct, our exploration of history and biological evolution never stops,” LiangFan said in his finals performance.

Australian competitor Amy Zhang placed in the top 12 finalists.

Rastislav “Rasty” Kasar, from the United Kingdom won the 2023 World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship.

“For centuries we have shared our stories over drinks at the bar or in the coffee shop. Today I want to continue that tradition and share my story of how I came to love two coffee cocktails inspired by chapters of my life,” Rastislav told the judges.

Tanpong of Thailand placed second and Danny Andrade of Australia placed third.

Taufan Mokoginta of Indonesia was crowned the 2023 World Coffee Roasting Champion. Talha Erdinc Bas from Turkey came in second and Andrew Coe of the United States placed third.

Australian competitor Artem Kryuchenkov placed in the top 20 finalists.

For more information and to view the Livestream of the competition, visit the World Coffee Championships website.

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