2023 World Coffee Champions announced

2023 World Coffee Champions

Brazil’s Boram Um has been crowned the 2023 World Barista Champion.

Daniele Ricci of Italy placed runner-up, and Jack Simpson of Australia placed third at the World Coffee Championships, which took place from 22 to 24 June at World of Coffee in Athens, Greece.

Boram served judges a natural pink bourbon coffee for his final signature drink course, featuring notes of honey and orange blossom. The signature drink consisted of 40-grams of a mixed syrup of peach, cherry, and lime, 20-grams of coffee oil saccharum, 40-grams of a citrus infusion, and 14-grams of fresh orange juice.

“My dream is to improve coffee quality while bringing new perspectives as a coffee producer and barista. I believe that is only achievable through teamwork,” Boram told the judges.

Carlos Medina, representing Chile, won the 2023 World Brewers Cup Championship.

“I feel very lucky to have shared this experience with everyone,” said Carlos in his finals performance.

Savina Giachgia of Greece placed second and Garam Victor Um of Brazil placed third.

Australian competitor Thomas Hutchins placed in the top 36 finalists.

Young Baek of Australia won the 2023 World Cup Tasters Championship. Mandie Soengkono of Indonesia was runner up, and Andrii Vasyliev of Ukraine placed third.

Pierre de Chanterac of France was crowned the 2023 Cezve/Ibrik Champion.

Cezara Cartes of Romania came in second and Mariam Erin Pinza from United Arab Emirates placed third.

Vittoria Arduino was the official grinder sponsor of the World Barista Championship with the Mythos MY75 and Barista Attitude was the qualified machine sponsor with the Tempesta espresso machine.

For more information and to view the Livestream of the competition, visit the World Coffee Championships website.

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