Age of Sail Coffee Brewers

Age of Sail Coffee Brewers

The winds have changed in Glen Iris.

Grocery shoppers normally venture indoors to purchase a coffee, but Age of Sail Coffee Brewers is asking Tooronga Shopping Centre visitors to step outside the building in the pursuit of quality coffee.


Having opened in September, Co-Owners Julien Moussi, Eamon Sheahan, and Dan Dick say they have been overwhelmed by the response from intrigued customers. Strangers wish them well, some compliment the coffee, and others just sit and laugh with friends – evidence that they’re enjoying their visit to Age of Sail.

“We wanted to try opening a city café to complement the suburb’s corporate and business district. There’s lots of standing-room-only cafés in the city, but we wanted to serve that same purpose to those in Glen Iris,” says Dan, Co-Owner and Operations Manager. “It’s also the modern-day challenge of a coffee provider to find a location that hasn’t been swamped by cafés. We’ve been lucky to find an environment that can cater to those wanting to sit down for lunch, or provide a quick takeaway service.”

Age of Sail is bringing a little New York flair to Glen Iris residents thanks to Jean Paul Ghougassian of Comme Design who has inspired the café’s furnishings, and the featured leaning booths, which is unique for Melbourne.

Unlike the resting seats used on Melbourne trams, these seats provide comfort, and privacy for customers.

“City espresso rooms do standing spaces so well. We wanted to make it practical for our suburban demographic and 5000 nearby office workers, but at the same time focus on producing quality,” Dan says.

Age of Sail serves Veneziano Coffee’s Estate as its house blend.

“It’s everything you could want in a milk-based coffee. It’s got flavours of toasted cashew, dark chocolate, and morello cherry,” Dan says.

A range of rotating guest blends and single origins are also available, as is a diverse menu. Popular items include bao buns, roti wraps, and Reuben sandwiches.

“We’re all about the pursuit of deliciousness,” Dan says. “If you’re doing something you’re passionate about then people can see that.”

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