3Brothers Coffee and Cofinet to host New Zealand cupping tour

Brazilian and Colombian specialty coffee importers 3Brothers Coffee and Cofinet will host a cupping tour in New Zealand from 19 to 23 February.
The cupping sessions are intended to showcase the outstanding coffees available from Colombia and Brazil.

“This is an opportunity for coffee roasters to experience the versatility of Colombian and Brazilian coffee, and become a pioneer in the New Zealand market with Cofinet and 3Brother’s coffee offerings,” says 3Brothers Tercio Borba.
New Zealand coffee roasters, baristas and industry professionals are invited to attend and explore exotic processing methods and the unique varietals 3Brothers and Cofinet have to offer, such as Geshas, Tabis, and Bourbons.
The cupping is a great networking event and a chance to learn more about the origins Tercio and Cofinet’s Carlos Arcila specialises in.
The cupping event will take place at the following locations:
  • Auckland: Monday 18 February 6:00pm at Coffee Lab, 15 Silverfield, Wairau Valley, Auckland.
  • Wellington: Wednesday 21 February 6:00pm at Coffee Supreme, 35 Hopper st, Mount Cook, Wellington.
  • Christchurch: Friday 23 February 5:00pm at The Anchorage by The Sailor’s Son, 4 Walker St, Christchurch, Christchurch.
For the past seven years, 3Brothers has been quietly bringing new cultivars into Australia and working with producers who are passionate about experimenting with new processing methods to improve the quality of Brazil’s specialty coffee production.
Likewise, since 2015, Cofinet has been importing new varietals into Australia. As coffee growers, Cofinet also experiments with processes at its La Pradera Washing Station, in search of the perfect cup.
To find out more and to RSVP attendance on info@3brotherscoffee.com.au or c.arcila@cofinet.com.au.
For more information, visit www.3brotherscoffee.com.au and check out @3brotherskoffee and @cofi_net on Instagram.
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