7 Beans

7 Beans

Old wooden ladders and upcycled pallets decorate the warm, inviting space known as 7 Beans.

“[It’s] a very welcoming, small and cute coffee shop,” says 7 Beans Owner Kyle Bartlett. “The café is full every day and it’s just a good vibe.”

The coffee shop is one of three 7 Beans’ locations in Victoria, with another opening in early 2024 and more stores opening in the future.

“I definitely want a minimum of seven cafés, just because of the [brand’s name],” he says.

Kyle says the most fulfilling part of starting 7 Beans has been watching his business expand. He says the Kyabram store is currently the busiest.

“We built the Kyabram store to basically just fit me in there. Now I wish we actually had a bigger one,” he says.

For Kyle, maintaining strong customer relationships is a priority. This is emphasised by the boards covered with loyalty cards and photos of locals’ dogs that are peppered along the café walls.

“We go that extra mile to create a connection with our customers rather than simply operating a coffee shop,” he says.

Kyle says while customers are drawn in by the café’s rustic country vibe, it’s Campos Coffee’s Superior Blend that entices them to stay. He says the coffee’s rich, chocolatey flavour profile perfectly reflects the bright pink neon signage behind the counter that reads ‘life is too short for bad coffee’.

“We’re well known for our coffee. It’s one of the best around,” says Kyle.

Kyle has worked closely with Campos Coffee for five years. He says the Sydney- based roaster has assisted him by providing equipment such as a La Marzocco Linea PB three-group espresso machine, and sending out technicians to fix any issues that occur with the machine.

“I honestly wouldn’t be able to do what I do without Campos. They’ve supported me from the get-go,” he says.

Hungry customers can choose from a variety of ready-to-go menu options including toasted sandwiches and croissants as well as homemade pies and sausage rolls. A selection of sweets such as cakes, slices, yoghurts and muesli can also be savoured.

“Everything’s just grab-and-go but customers are still welcome to sit-in if they want,” says Kyle.

7 Beans

144 Allan Street, Kyabram, Victoria, 3620

Open Monday to Friday 7am — 2pm and Saturday — Sunday 7am – 1pm

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