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The best way Claris Jones-White defines 7010 is a “testament to her home town” – made by locals, for locals, with all her favourite things in the one spot.

“There is not one single item in 7010 that is not from Nelson. Every product including cold drink, chocolate, chai, antiques, pottery, cutlery, and tables are made from local artists and local suppliers. Everything is a combination of old and new, but most of all this place combines my love of coffee, tea and my home town. It’s a tribute to Nelson,” Claris says.

Claris has gathered as much worldly experience as she can in order to start her first solo venture. She lived in Melbourne for a few months in 2012 before travelling to Mexico where she started working for a specialty company called Buna. Other work opportunities then arose in New York and Cape Town. Eventually, Claris realised it was time to come home and share her experiences with the New Zealand market.

“The dream job would be a bean consultant in NZ – that link between great coffees at origin and bringing them into NZ. I want to be that go-to person for cafés wanting to showcase the world’s best coffees to NZ,” Claris says. “That’s the dream, but in order to get there I need a base. Back in Nelson, I got to the stage where I would question where I should go for a good coffee. I thought: ‘I shouldn’t be umming and ahhing about it.’ There were no dedicated coffee bars despite Nelson’s reputation for being the roasting capital of the world.”

As such, to solve her own dissatisfaction, Claris set up her own specialty coffee bar, which she opened on 21 October 2015.

“We specialise in coffee, and tea with a focus on education and training and getting people to appreciate the cup to crop philosophy,” Claris says. “Before my trip around the world I took for granted that coffee arrived on a container. I now want to impart my knowledge to others and show them what I love without overwhelming them with choice.” 

The biggest value Claris has taken away from her world adventures is management and training.

“I had to train people in Spanish to ensure a high standard of coffee and service were being met. Over in Cape Town you’re dealing with different skills and it taught me what type of manager I’d like to be, and the working environment I wanted to have for my own staff,” Claris says.

That environment is one of fun and passion. Claris may have even introduced the idea of hoverboarding coffee orders to customers. 7010 is a corner shop housed in an old historic building, so old that Claris says there’s a 60-millimetre different in floor height from one side of the venue to another.

Claris works with local suppliers Pomeroys Coffee & Tea Company to create seasonal blends for espresso and filter coffee. The menu consists of a spring/summer 2016 blend which contains 60 per cent Ethiopian Sidamo, 30 per cent Mexican beans, and 10 per cent Colombian La Jacoba. Filter coffee is 100 per cent Colombian La Jacoba.

For the upcoming winter blend Claris says this will reflect a more “grungier, spicy flavours” with Indonesian beans. All coffees are served as a double shot unless specified otherwise.

For the warmer months cold brew is a popular favourite, as is Claris’s Moccamaster, ice coffee and espresso over sparkling water. While in South Africa years ago Claris decided to make a cascara cider. Claris pitched the drink and two years ago, and now Moa Beer Company in Nelson has made her idea a reality.

“It’s beautiful, not too sweet, and we sell out quickly,” she says.

For the tea lovers, try The Cleanse tea herbal blend with lemongrass, rosehip, and hibiscus. White teas, earl greys, and oolongs are available and seasonal.

When it comes to the food, 7010 has an indulgent menu, including sugar free brownies, Roland’s Rollies range of savoury delights, and Little Bare sweet treats. Both Nelson suppliers only provide 7010 with gluten, dairy, and sugar-free products.

“This is the first time I’m not a trainer for a company. I’m not setting up someone else’s business. I’ve done this with all my heart and soul. This is all mine,” she says. “7010 is all about educating people that coffee is fun. For now 7010 is my local, and I hope it can be someone else’s local too.”

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