Achievable Outback Cafe

It’s been said that Australians happily travel for great coffee. In the case of Achievable Outback Café, that sentiment rings true.

Located 130 kilometres north of Kalgoorlie on the Goldfield’s Highway (just a mere hour and 15 minute drive), the small WA community of Menzies is home to the Achievable Outback Café.

This family-owned and operated business is situated in what was once a derelict hotel and the town’s premier drinking establishment during the early 1900s gold rush.

Over the years, termite damage and extreme environment conditions from the Northern Goldfields took its toll on the building, but thanks to a little TLC from Owners Justin Lee and Anne Sheehan, the establishment got back on its feet in 2013 – this time serving coffee, not beer, to locals and tourists alike.

“The response from many customers is a sense of disbelief when they walk in and are greeted by the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, coupled with the rustic charm of the original floorboards and ornate pressed tin panel ceilings,” Anne says.

She says regular traffic with the addition of passing tourists account for their customer base. “Keeping quality and consistency in our product means that our reputation can be carried by word of mouth around the camping and caravanning sites in this region,” Anne says.

Achievable Outback Café serves Mahalia’s Blend No. 2, a full-bodied coffee combining five single origins that is characteristically spicy, with the warmth of clove and coriander seeds.

Justin, who originally resided in Essendon, Victoria, says specialty coffee was the inspiration for opening their business.

“[The café] has been the creation of what can be achieved even when distance and accessibility are both challenges,” he says. “We focus on offering friendly service, quality, and value for money.”

While the mining boom traffic may have lessened, Justin says there are still passing workers and seasonal tourist traffic looking for a quality coffee in the outback – and the odd passing camel as well.

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