Adelaide café makes coffee with 80 times more caffeine

A barista from Viscous Coffee in Adelaide has created a coffee containing five grams of caffeine – more than 80 time the amount usually found in a cup of espresso.

Nicknamed the Asskicker, the drink’s creator claims that his beverage will give you the caffeine high of a lifetime – lasting up to 18 hours, the AAP reports.

The brew was created by taking four shots of espresso and adding four ice cubes made from 48-hour cold drip and 120 millilitres of extra-aged 10-day cold brew. The barista then added another four 48-hour cold brew ice cubes for an extra kick.

The drink’s creator says it was designed to be consumed over three to four hours.

Food Standards Australia and New Zealand state that more than 210 milligrams of caffeine per day has been linked to increased anxiety levels in adults.

The Australian Medical Association has warned people that drinking too much caffeine in one hit could have dire health consequences, advising consumers to steer clear of the drink.

The Asskicker therefore comes with a health warning, relevant in particular to people with heart and blood pressure issues and those on certain types of medication.

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