ADM-DP31 Coffee Gusset Bag Packaging Machine


The ADM-DP31 premade coffee gusset bag packaging machine has a unique setup for fully opening and filling a gusset bag of coffee beans and large products such as cookies with ease.

Controlled by an intelligent touchscreen, it offers many functions and an extensive program for your coffee packaging needs. It’s simple to operate on all sizes, it also suits all material types. This includes 250-gram, 500-gram and one-kilogram using laminated, PET, foil, craft paper bags, and many more materials.

Features include quick bag size changeover, outfeed conveyor inline or return options, automatic bag infeed drive, bag support and shaker, and automatic program setup.

The ADM-DP31 boasts food grade stainless steel construction, anodised aluminium parts, and guarding and interlocks to AS4024 standards. It uses a Panasonic control panel and interface with components from leading brands like Omron, Schneider, SMC, and Sick.

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