AeroPress releases cold brew coffee recipe

AeroPress has released instructions detailing how to produce cold brew coffee using its signature filter device.

The company says AeroPress inventor Alan Adler was under the impression that it would take several hours to brew coffee with room temperature water using the device, as is typical with cold brew. However, he says he was surprised to find that a much shorter brewing time could still produce flavourful coffee.

Making one to three cups of cold brew coffee using the AeroPress is simple.

He says, for one to three cups of cold brew, stir fine drip grind coffee and room temperature water together for one minute, press, then add ice water to the concentrated brew.

“The extended stir time and fine drip grind enable the extraction of smooth, rich flavour in just two minutes, even when using unheated water,” Alan says.

A full list of instructions can be viewed HERE.

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