Again Again reusable cup scheme to launch in Hastings, New Zealand

Again Again

The Hastings District Council is calling cafés within the district to participate in the Again Again reusable cup scheme next month to celebrate Plastic Free July.

New Zealand company Again Again promotes a reusable cup system where café customers pay a $3 deposit for a reusable stainless-steel cup which can be refunded at any café participating in the Again Again network.

Approximately 295 million single-use cups are discarded in New Zealand every year, with four million of these cups estimated to come from the Hastings District.

These single-use cups have a plastic coating making them non-recyclable, with Hasting District’s local composter, BioRuch, stating that even compostable versions are causing issues.

In the Again Again scheme, consumers can pay deposits for multiple cups and are able to return them when convenient.

Participating cafés in the network usually pay a membership fee, however, to support the initiative the council is offering to pay for half the cost of a six-month trial.

Samantha Gibbons, Council Waste Minimisation Officer says this is just one way the council is looking to reduce landfill waste and support the community.

“We know people have been getting better at using their own reusable coffee cups but it’s not always practical or effective,” says Samantha.

“With this scheme there is always a sustainable solution at any participating café, so everyone can do their bit to look after the environment.”

The Again Again scheme is designed to save cafés money long term through reduction in costs for buying single-use cups.

Hasting District café Cupple is participating, with Cupple spokesperson Al Borrie saying the scheme is a convenient and simple solution to reducing environmental impacts.

For more information on the subsidy please click here or for more information on the Again Again initiative, please click here.


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