Aldi reveals 50 per cent increase in locally roasted coffee sales

Grocery chain Aldi has reported a 50 per cent increase in sales of its locally roasted Lazzio Coffee range since mid-February.

Aldi says this surge in coffee sales has made it able increase support to the local business behind the product, Black Bag Roasters, the contract roasting arm of the Nomad Coffee Group.

The grocery chain has partnered with the Victorian-based Black Bag Roasters since 2014.

Over the years, Aldi has collaborated with Black Bag Roasters to create its Lazzio Medium and Dark Coffee Beans, Lazzio Medium and Dark Ground Coffee, Organic Ground Coffee, as well as a range of single origin beans from Peru, Brazil, Colombia, and Honduras, available at select times of the year. Aldi says the coffee won over a loyal fan base.

“We are extremely fortunate to be a trusted partner of Aldi, and over the last six weeks, we have certainly seen a significant uplift in sales through our Aldi range. The demand for great coffee at home has enabled our business to keep all of our production staff on full time work and will have a significant impact on helping us get through this difficult period,” says Craig Dickson, CEO at Nomad Coffee Group.

“We are delighted that over recent months, thousands of Aldi shoppers have tried the multiple award-winning Aldi Lazzio coffee range. Our procurement and production teams have worked especially hard to ensure we could meet increased demand and we trust that all the new Lazzio coffee lovers will continue to enjoy their at-home coffee experience.”

In close collaboration with Aldi, Black Bag Roasters has invested time creating sustainable coffee products to ensure every coffee bean has been sourced responsibly and ethically. All Lazzio and Just Organic coffee supplied to Aldi is either Fairtrade or Utz Certified.  This has contributed to ALDI achieving a milestone of more than 30 per cent of its coffee range being sustainably sourced.

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