Allpress Espresso launches new capsule coffee blend


Australian and New Zealand coffee roaster Allpress has released its Allpress Espresso Blend in a capsule format with the same flavour, designed for the domestic coffee lover.

Zach Dowse, Head Roaster at Allpress says, “We didn’t feel like most pods met our expectations when it came to flavour so we took the time to challenge the status quo and worked on creating a product that we felt stood up to the expectations of Allpress coffee consumers.”

The company says this new capsule, titled the Allpress Espresso Speciality Coffee Capsule, has been in the making for many years and will expand the brand’s specialty coffee portfolio.

Intending to provide the same speciality grade coffee in a more accessible solution, Allpress recently commissioned a study, which found that 65 per cent of coffee drinkers now consumed coffee at home.

A further one in three used a capsule or pod machine to create their coffees. These results, in combination with Allpress’s customer demand, was the main motivator to create the capsule.

“This meant going back to the basics and thinking about how the Allpress Espresso Blend could be adjusted to work best as a pod. We had to think about the roast profile, the mix of origins in the capsule and finally, finding the correct grind size that allowed the right amount of water contact and gave us the most balance to our cup,” says Zach.

To do so, the company reformulated the Allpress Espresso blend to “highlight the rich caramel sweetness and increase depth, and ground the beans ‘super-finely’ for a slower extraction”.

These grounds were then roasted at a high temperature to maximise the solubility of the coffee, recreating the Allpress Espresso Blend’s flavour in a capsule.

“After rounds of trying, testing, and perfecting, we reached a point where we were able to achieve the iconic Allpress Espresso Blend flavour, adjusted uniquely as a capsule,” Zach says.

From humble beginnings in 1989 when the beans were roasted in a garage, the company says it has always prioritised flavour with growth and innovation remaining at the forefront of the business. Michael Allpress, the company’s founder and ambassador says the new coffee capsule is an example of this commitment to continuous adaption, and is one of the brand’s biggest ventures yet.

“It was important to us to respond to our community and their needs but without losing what is at the heart of our business and what Allpress is loved and known for – our flavour promise,” says Michael.

“Creating a coffee capsule was not a decision we took lightly; it was something we knew we had to get right. A lot of love, time, and care has gone into the creation of the Allpress Espresso Speciality Coffee Capsule and the result is that we have created the best espresso capsule on the market.”

Michael says that Allpress is a brand focused on inclusive community and culture, and hopes this coffee capsule will allow its customers to bring this culture into their homes.

Earlier in 2021, Asahi Beverages announced its acquisition of Allpress Espresso. Read about it HERE.

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