Almond Breeze launches Breezey Travel program

Breezey Travel

Almond Breeze has announced a Breezey Travel voucher program to help regional baristas make the trip to major cities for its Breezey Masters regional heats.

Breezey Masters is a latte art smackdown competition that sees competitors make patterns using Almond Breeze Barista Blend almond milk.

Almond Breeze launched the program after being contacted by a small-town barista who wanted to compete in a regional but was struggling to arrange travel.

A limited number of Breezey Travel vouchers are available to help baristas in regional areas travel to upcoming heats in South Australia, Northern Territory, Western Australia, and New Zealand.

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To apply, contact Almond Breeze HERE and tell it about yourself, why you deserve a travel voucher, and how much the travel will cost. Each entry will be reviewed on a case by case basis and Almond Breeze will contact entrants directly to let them know if they’ve been selected.

Upcoming Breezey Masters regionals will take place at:
Adelaide– Kinettó Coffee & Kitchen on 18 June from 5pm
Darwin– Kopi Stop on 25 June from 5pm
Auckland, NZ– Karajoz Coffee Company on 9 July from 5pm
Perth– The Faculty @ The Northbridge Coffee Roasters on 15 July from 5pm

The Breezey Masters Grand Final will be held in Sydney on 30 September.

Breezey Masters regional have already been held in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne, with Maiko Morimoto of Extraction Artisan Coffee, Enzen Liu of Cuckoo Callay, and Victor Vu of Cocobei Docklands winning the commpeton s respectively.

For more information, click HERE.

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