Alternative Dairy Co Almond and Soy Milk

Proudly Australian made, Alternative Dairy Co dairy-free milks have been specially crafted for coffee in collaboration with baristas, café owners, and non-dairy milk drinkers to achieve the perfect formulation to complement the espresso.

Alternative Dairy Co milks are designed to texture and stretch while allowing the espresso to shine through without being overpowered by almond or soy flavours. 

It is lactose free, dairy free, vegan friendly, low in sugar, and does not contain gluten. Plus, it’s 100 per cent animal free and like all plant-based products, there is less impact on the environment.

Alternative Dairy Co lives and breathes cafés. This formulation is specifically crafted for coffee and baristas, so you will not see it in grocery stores.

For more information or to try the Alternative Dairy Co product range, contact Craig Lawson on, or visit

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