Altius Coffee

Since opening the doors in Flinders Lane, Owner's of Altius Coffee Brewers, Hannah Alderton and Jarrod Pageot, have made it their mission to improve the CBD laneway's west end coffee offering. 

Having trained for six years at Market Lane coffee, Hannah and Jarrod decided to go out on their own and open up their first shop.

Jarrod says both himself and Hannah are meticulous with each pour.

“If the amount of coffee being brewed is off by even 0.05 of a gram, it can drastically change the way the coffee tastes,” says Jarrod. “We want our customers to have a guaranteed great cup of coffee, no matter the time of day or person who makes it.”

To compliment their coffee, Altius stock a select range of sweet treats, including Shortstop donuts on Fridays.

The duo also allow customers to bring in cakes from T by Luxbite next door.

Jarrod and Hannah worked with ceramicist Chris Plumbridge to hand craft the coffee cups and saucers that Altius coffee is served in.

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