American Express offers to make one small businesses’ dreams come true

American Express

American Express has revealed its newest initiative, Dream Backers, which will give one American Express-accepting small business the chance to see their boldest business dream come to life.

“After the challenges of the past two years – from floods, drought, bushfires and a global pandemic – it’s unsurprising that many business owners have put their dreams on hold to focus instead on survival,” says American Express.

“Against this backdrop, Dream Backers aims to reignite the ambitions of business operators, granting one the chance to see their business dream come to life.”

To enter, small businesses have until 26 November to explain in 25 words or less their boldest business dream.

“Having a dream and achieving it is one of the reasons why most people start a business in the first place. Those dreams don’t end once a business is established,” says Jee Moon, Vice President of Marketing for American Express Global Merchant Services Asia Pacific.

“Whether it’s generating national buzz about your café, having your designs hit the catwalk, or watching your small business on the big screen, through the powerful backing of American Express, we’re asking business owners to share with us their boldest dream and for one of them, we’ll make it happen.”

Dream Backers is the latest in a series of initiatives from American Express designed to give small businesses access to big business advantages.

“In Australia, eight in every 10 businesses that offer American Express to their customers is a small business,” says Jee.

“As a global organisation, with more than 170 years of experience, we’re using the power of our Network, the might of our marketing engine and scale of our Card Members, to help small businesses recover from the incredible hardships they’ve suffered.”

American Express is also running its annual Shop Small initiative, which aims to promote the importance of small businesses and encourage consumers to spend with them. This event is running until March 2022, and so far, participating American Express Card Members have spent, on average, nearly a third more with American Express small businesses than outside of the campaign period.

“Through initiatives like Dream Backers and others which deliver our high spending Card Members to small businesses, our hope is to see our nation’s resilient small businesses emerge stronger than ever,” says Jee.

Submissions for Dream Backers can be entered here.

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