Anfim brand ambassador Jessica Sartiani discusses what impresses her about the Luna grinder


Anfim brand ambassador Jessica Sartiani explains why she believes in the traditional Italian company and what impresses her about its new Anfim Luna professional grinder.

According to coffee grinder manufacturer Anfim, Jessica Sartiani is a key figure in the Italian specialty coffee scene.

She has worked with coffee equipment supplier DM Italia, collaborated with machine manufacturer Gruppo Cimbali, is the Barista Hustle coach for Italy, and Barista Market Developer for Oatly. With so many exciting and important roles under her belt, Anfim decided to name the Italian coffee professional its brand ambassador in 2021.

“I had been on Anfim’s radar for several years, having worked for the Italian distributor of Hemro Group, DM Italia, since 2018. This gave me the chance to improve my skills in grinding, extractions, and technical support, which caught their eye,” Jessica says.

“Anfim has been the grinder brand closest to the Italian market due to its traditional Italian heritage. Its grinders are known for being user friendly with a clean design, made with strong materials and high-performance burrs. I was so excited to work with them and am honoured to be associated with the brand.”

Jessica says she is ready to be part of the brand’s transition to a fresh new look, with a new product portfolio and brand identity that caters to commercial coffee professionals looking for best value performance in espresso grinding.

“I truly believe that Anfim has great potential in the Italian and international markets. When I visited the factory [in Milan], it was impossible not to feel the handcrafted care and attention to detail during the whole assembly process,” she says.

“When I discovered how each Luna grinder was produced and assembled by the Anfim team, I realised how much care there was in every single product.”

Jessica is especially impressed by Anfim’s latest product release, the Luna professional grinder.

“Luna is a unique mixture of high- quality grinding and design. It’s the perfect choice for those who want to extract a great cup of coffee in an accessible way,” says Jessica.

She describes the grinder as “easy to use, intuitive, and customisable”.

“An innovative 3.5-inch touchscreen display with open interface for third- party content seamlessly guides the user through three programmable recipes and one manual mode. A ‘basic mode’ allows coffee shop owners, for example, to lock dosing settings via an owner controlled password,” Jessica says.

“The ‘basic mode’ only allows those with password access to change the grind settings, and a ‘professional mode’ permits experienced baristas to set up the best recipe for different types of coffees. The basic mode takes the complexity out of grinding the beans when staff are less experienced and provides a consistent cup of coffee no matter who is using the machine.”

Jessica says Luna promises impressive speed and quality from its 65-millimetre premium hardened steel flat burrs, which are made in Germany.

“Luna can produce up to 1800 revolutions per minute operated by 60 hertz and as much as 3.6-grams of ground coffee per second, or about one single espresso every 2.5 seconds and a double shot in five seconds,” she says.

Jessica’s favourite thing about the grinder, though, is how easy it is to clean.

“We all know how important it is to maintain the equipment behind the bar. The spout is removable, allowing for easy cleaning and adjusting to ensure a centred dosing into the portafilter. This ease of operation helps the barista serve a great cup of coffee,” she says.

Jessica says the Luna grinder has received positive feedback in market, having launched in Italy at the 2023 Roma Bar Show, an event dedicated to the beverage and mixology industry.

“From 29 to 30 May, roasters and baristas had the chance to test the new product and they were excited about the new design. They found the grind quality at the level they expected from the reliable brand Anfim and the spout you can adjust directly to the portafilter really easy to use. It’s a great ally to ensure workflow efficiency and a clean bench,” she says.

The Anfim product portfolio features espresso grinders for a variety of performance requirements, from modest to fast-paced daily workloads and everything in between. The range of espresso grinders delivers the classic Italian experience for espresso service and enjoyment to baristas and coffee shops worldwide.

“Whether you’re on the hunt for a grinder with uncomplicated functionality and aroma-saving features that deliver the best flavours, or you’re looking for increased control with stepless grind adjustments and active cooling, our products are designed to empower baristas with tools they love to use,” Jessica says.

Anfim’s brand ambassador looks forward to her future with the company and is eager to “do great things together”.

“Italy is usually labelled as having low quality coffee, but I truly believe that in the past 10 years change has come. The level and knowledge of Italian baristas is quite high. If you visit a coffee shop you can drink really great espressos that are balanced and sweet with a bright and pleasant acidity,” says Jessica.

“A lot of people are working really hard to redefine the Italian coffee market and, together with Anfim, I’m sure that we can be the best people to raise the bar of specialty coffee in Italy, and have a significant impact on the global coffee industry.”

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