Aremde launches Nexus One espresso machine


Aremde officially launched the Nexus One, an espresso machine built for the global specialty coffee market, in a ceremony at the Gallery of Modern Art in Queensland on 29 November.

The Nexus One was designed in the Netherlands and built in Brisbane, under the direction of Aremde Coffee Engineer Geoff Michelmore.

Based on the principle “less machine, more experience”, the Nexus One removes the espresso machine’s wall of steel that traditionally separates the barista from the customer.

Aremde launched the Nexus One in a ceremony at GOMA in Queensland.

The machine is available in both two and three group models. Aremde says its features guarantee ease of use above and below the counter.

The Nexus One integrates weight-based extraction, which Aremde says ensures the perfect brew ratio is achieved every time.

Extraction Artisan Coffee in Queensland was the first café in the world to install the Nexus One.Owner Alex Milosevic says the machine creates a visual flow, allowing full transparency of the coffee making process.

Extraction Artisan Coffee is the first café in the world to install the Nexus One.

“We are so thrilled to be the first café in the world to have the Nexus One installed and have enjoyed working with Aremde to tweak the functionality,” Alex says.

“It’s a piece of art, beautiful to look at but with the same competition spec technology which we have enjoyed using with the Black Eagle machine.”

Queensland-based manufacturer Stoddarts worked with Aremde on the build.

“It’s a very exciting project for global newcomer Aremde and makes it that much more satisfying to install. The workmanship is brilliant and we can’t wait for our customers to enjoy it,” Alex says.

Aremde is based in Brisbane with worldwide distribution.

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