Argos Loves Company

Offering an escape from the daily grind with home comforts is Argos Loves Company. Located in Fitzroy, Melbourne, customers are treated to a 1950s style experience with intricate details that attract attention in every direction.

“This café is an extension of my house,” says owner Christine Collins.

The café is embellished with kitchen appliances and antiques from Christine’s personal collection, something she’s built up from the age of 12. Visitors can admire the kitchen shelves aligned with antique balancing scales, wooden university chairs, polished silverware, fine china, leather- bound stools and a wall-size collection of photos of Christine’s political and personal influences. Look closely and photos of Elvis Presley and Barack Obama with their own dogs are among the array.

Continuing the dog theme, a large image of Christine’s beloved pooch takes pride of place on the wall. The name of the café is a reference to the Greek tale of Ulysses and his dog Argos, a story of loyalty between a dog and its master.
Running an events production company and working as an artist, Christine says she wanted to open a café in an “unpopular” location that would be in walking distance of her own home. Targeting the local community, this newly opened café is all class and provides lots of personal space. It is ideal for morning tea, an afternoon get- away or a catch-up with friends.

“The café is about simple offerings and good old-fashioned customer service,” Christine says. “We treat people how you would treat them in your own home.”

The team of staff are experienced and trained to pour lattes and espresso shots from the Nuova Simonelli coffee machine and grind on an old enterprise MRGO Philadelphia Grinder from the 1800s.

Christine uses Toby’s Estate Coffee Woolloomooloo Blend, which is creamy, smooth and delicate. She also offers a range of Toby’s Estate tea and recommends a soothing lemon and ginger blend.

The menu adheres to Christine’s food mission: fresh and uncomplicated. It includes influences from Christine’s Greek background such as the european meat platter, including prosciutto, herbed ricotta, herbed tomatoes, honey and sourdough toast. Another popular item is the Argos Platter with fruit toast, french router, preserves, fruit and yoghurt. Sweet treats such as cup cakes, macaroons, ice cream sundaes and Ghana Red hot chocolate are also available.

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