Arkadia Artisan Range

Arkadia has created a new benchmark in taste with its new artisan range.

Arkadia Chai Sticky Blend is handcrafted and all natural.

This product is made from 100 per cent pure Australian honey and the finest Ceylon loose leaf black tea, combined with cinnamon, star anise, cardamom, cloves, ginger, and black pepper to create a truly distinctive and indulgent taste.

For those who demand only the most indulgent drinking chocolate, Arkadia has created two delicious and unique artisan blends. Cocoa and Panela Drinking Chocolate is crafted with organic panela, premium West African cocoa and chocolate liquor, which culminates in a robust, dark drinking chocolate.

This delivers strong roasted cocoa notes, traces of dried fruit and a velvety smooth texture.

Arkadia’s Cocoa & Coconut Blossom Drinking Chocolate produces a delightfully earthy drinking chocolate with traces of dried fruit and delicate caramel notes that linger.

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