Arkadia Beverages unveils its new tea range

Arkadia Beverages

Determined to leave no stone unturned, Arkadia Beverages is expanding its portfolio to include an exclusive tea range to simplify the procurement process.  

From hot chocolates to chai lattes, Maltra Foods’ Arkadia Beverages line manufactures powdered and liquid products to complement a café’s beverage menu beyond coffee, and now it’s adding Australian made tea to its collection.

From April, Brand Manager Nathan Alfrey says the company will launch a range of seven varieties of ethically sourced teas and infusions, obtained exclusively for Australian cafés.

“The range has something for all types of cafés depending on your menu, from core lines such as English Breakfast, Earl Grey and Green Sencha to herbal infusions including Chamomile, Lemongrass and Ginger, and Peppermint,” he says.

“Arkadia is probably best known for our chai, so we have of course included a Chai Spice as well.”

Nathan says Arkadia’s new black and green teas from Ceylon, packaged in loose leaf and biodegradable pyramid bags, are a Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe grade, which signifies a high-quality broken tea leaf made from the first two leaves and bud of the shoot. This is derived from the grading process that evaluates tea products based on the quality and condition of tea leaves.

“They are grown at the ideal elevation above sea level to deliver an excellent cup of tea for café customers,” he says.

“The one exception to the range is the English Breakfast pyramid tea bag, which has a blend of Broken Orange Pekoe and Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings for faster brewing time and stronger flavour to be paired with milk or a milk alternative.”

When it comes to expanding Arkadia’s product range, Nathan says taste always comes first.

“We have worked closely with our suppliers to source some of the best quality ingredients to form this range of teas and infusions. Every time a barista or consumer experiences an ‘Arkadia moment’ we want it to deliver the best taste possible,” he says.

“Every café has its own set of criteria when it comes to delivering their customers a great experience, which is why the Arkadia range is so extensive. We aim to have something for everyone, no matter their preference.”

Nathan says the company finetunes its recipes by spending ample time in the research and development lab with its suppliers.

“We are testing and tasting until we’re satisfied that we have a product that delivers on the Arkadia brand promise, to craft premium beverages that excite the senses and create an experience of indulgent pleasure,” he says.

He adds that the selection process for the new tea range was a lengthy one, tasting teas from various estates and different grades. As such, Nathan is confident the range will exceed tea lover’s expectations when they have their next cup in a café.

“Arkadia aims to be the one-stop-solution for all café beverage menu needs aside from coffee. We are well known for our powdered and liquid beverage bases, and the desire and interest to extend our range into traditional teas was on the cards for quite some time,” he says.

Nathan says Arkadia aspires to simplify café’s supply chains by making sure they can get everything they need for their hot and cold beverage menu from their preferred coffee roasters.

“The Arkadia brand is known and trusted to deliver exceptional taste, so the new tea range is an opportunity for cafés to deliver great tasting products to their customers and make their lives easier with simplified procurement,” he says.

Arkadia’s parent company Maltra Foods is one of Australia’s largest food-grade powder and liquid manufacturers, founded in Melbourne in 1997.

Beginning with a focus on powdered drinking chocolate, the family-run business has since expanded its product range to a complete menu offering, including syrups, frappes, smoothies, milkshake toppings, and dessert sauces that are exported to more than 20 countries across the world.

“Arkadia was born out of the laneways of Melbourne, supplying a few cafés with locally made drinking chocolates. As word spread, demand and the range grew, and new products were added to the line-up, and cafés all over the country started requesting the products,” Nathan says.

“Arkadia was one of the first Australian made chai brands to enter the café scene about 20 years ago, and with that, a reputation for quality and taste has grown to become the most consumed chai in Australia.”

Nathan says that throughout its growth, Arkadia has built incredible relationships with key business partners around the country to help take Arkadia to the café scene.

“Often cafés will approach us for certain products, which we happily refer to our distribution partners to help them grow their business too, so everyone wins,” he says.

Arkadia has also maintained a close relationship with consumers throughout the global pandemic, adapting its range of products to be adaptable at home, in the office, or on-the-go. To broaden its reach, the Arkadia website shares recipes online to inspire customers to be creative and embrace its full range of products. It also heightens consumer connection via social media, direct customer interaction, and through recipe cards provided to distributors.

With new additions to its syrups line-up for hot and cold beverages on the horizon, along with new milkshake toppings adorned by brand new packaging, Maltra Foods’ Arkadia Beverages intends to create flavours that will keep customers coming back.

“Consumer trends never stand still so we are always looking for what consumers are wanting next, whether that’s something completely new, or an old trend that comes back into popularity,” Nathan says.

“The last few years have been incredibly tough on Australians, and they are looking for moments of joy in their everyday lives. We are glad to be able to offer products that bring a smile to consumers faces, give them a moment to indulge themselves, or share a cup with a friend.”

Maltra Foods is now looking ahead to continue its exponential growth, and with that, celebrate its upcoming 25-year anniversary.

“We’ll celebrate as a team in March, but the main event will be towards the end of the year, coinciding with the planned ribbon cutting at the new Maltra manufacturing site currently under construction in Packenham, Victoria, with cocktails and canapes on the menu,” says Nathan.

“Our purpose-built manufacturing facility, a dedication to continuous innovation and the development of new products will keep Arkadia at the forefront of modern café culture. We will continue to build a name and a reputation synonymous with that feeling of relaxed indulgence.”

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