Arkadia discusses how its frappe mixes diversify any café menu


Arkadia discusses how its range of versatile frappe mixes can help cafés stay on trend and create a beverage menu so consumers can ride the wave of this popular summertime drink.

Even in the depths of winter, cafés are still looking to prepare their summer menus with on-trend delicious options to impress their consumers.

To help inspire their options, beverage specialists Arkadia has released new flavour additions to its range of frappe mixes.

“Frappes are a great way to refresh and add some exciting creations to your menu,” says Arkadia Marketing Manager Ramona Culda. “People are always looking for something different.

“What’s important about this range is that frappes are big overseas, especially in Europe and the United States, and we’re starting to see this trend translating more and more to Australia as well.”

Given the frappe’s increased exposure and product awareness on the international scene, the team at Arkadia believe that now is the time to start thinking of how it can be implemented to enhance café menus as a cold beverage or refreshing signature drink.

“For us, it’s important to start pushing this range because we’re seeing it pick up in the market,” says Ramona.
“You can see people coming on board [to frappes] now but they’re still using language like milkshake and smoothie, but frappes are quite different.”

Ramona says the consistency of a frappe is thicker than that of a milkshake, and will always include blended ice to ensure it’s served chilled, in contrast to milkshakes which are the combination of milk and ice cream.

“While the two remain different, the frappe mixes can be used to make milkshakes as well,” says Ramona.

Arkadia’s frappe mixes have been designed with simplicity in mind. Busy café operators simply need to add ice water or milk before blending it all together.

The Arkadia frappe range now has 12 flavours, with the latest additions Banana, Strawberry and Caramel, due to consumer demand.

“When customers ask if we can develop a certain flavour, we’re pretty quick to respond,” says Ramona. “We wanted to keep with familiar favourites and versatile flavours.”

Café users of the Arkadia range are encouraged to mix and match different flavours with their growing range of premium syrups to discover new tastes and create a beverage menu unique to their café.

“Our original vanilla mix is a great tasting base to use across different frappe recipes ,” says Ramona. “It’s more about having a mix of different ingredients and pulling it altogether.

“It would be exciting to see more interesting frappe creations on café menus this summer in Australia.”

Ramona notes that the addition of frappes to a café menu is also a good profit driver for business.

“Expanding into different flavours has given the opportunity for cafés to have something new and on trend on the menu while also charging a bit more then coffee for the premium,” she says.

“The taste and the flavour are there, so you can’t get it wrong.”

Arkadia, a family-owned business, makes all its own products in Australia with manufacturing facilities in Victoria and Queensland.

“We have our own in-house team of research and development food technologists who develop the new flavours,” says Arkadia Brand Manager Kylie Chan.

As such, the mixes are designed to hold their texture and shape when used in a frappe, and not compromise on quality.

“With a lot of iced beverages, you see it separate [from ice to water] as it starts to melt, but our frappes hold up quite well and for a long time,” says Kylie.

Arkadia will be displaying its extensive range, including its frappe range, in a big way at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE) in August.

“We are looking forward to showcasing and sampling our extensive range of delicious frappes, chai, syrups and sauces,” says Ramona. “We are also looking forward to hearing key insights from baristas
and café owners on how we can partner with them to drive profitable beverage menus while ensuring quality is never compromised.”

Visitors to MICE can expect to experience frappe masterclasses, taste the product range, and receive recipe cards to make their own frappe creations.

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