Arkadia unveils 10 new beverage recipes


With winter approaching, Arkadia have uncovered the trends and crafted 10 new recipes they believe will be the signature drinks of the season.

Differentiation in the café space isn’t always easy. Each business needs something to set it apart from its competitors, and this distinction is often found in the menu.

Flavour specialist Arkadia is a family-owned Australian business with more than 25 years’ experience supporting the café industry with its coffee-alternative beverages. It continuously develops its growing suite of recipes, which showcases a collection of food and drink options for cafés looking to add something new to their menu.

Owned and operated by Maltra Foods, Arkadia is constantly looking at innovations around the globe to ensure it is at the forefront of trends.

“Posting what you’re eating and drinking on social media is huge these days, and one way cafés can ensure visitors are posting and talking about them is by introducing a wow-factor signature drink,” says Maltra Foods Marketing Manager Ramona Culda.

“For cafés struggling to find that signature recipe, we are here to help and inspire them.”

Arkadia’s new website and Winter Warmers recipe booklet features dozens of drinks creations that incorporate its powder and liquid beverage products. The 10 latest recipes were published in early 2024. Among the new menu items are a S’mores Mint Hot Chocolate, Biscoff Chai Latte, and Earl Grey White Hot Chocolate.

“Consumers tend to look for those comforting drinks during winter, especially in areas like Sydney, Tasmania, and Melbourne where it gets a bit colder,” says Ramona.

The creation process for these recipes begins with research into fresh trends from around the world. Ramona says the continued rise of plant-based milks was a major consideration for the winter range, with each new recipe constructed to allow for an easy substitution of any dairy products.

A continued focus on nostalgia and tapping into childhood memories in the food and beverage space was another theme highlighted by the Arkadia team. As a result, recipes such as the Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate were constructed to replicate the taste of classic chocolate bars.

“It’s all about customisation and creating new recipes that enable cafés to stand out from the crowd,” says Ramona. “You need to be up to date on these trends because they are often what customers are looking for.

“Once we pick a theme, we brief the research and development (R&D) team who then begin to look at how to create these recipes using our products. Most of our team have a barista background and use their experience to develop unique recipes for cafés.”

Arkadia Brand Manager Kylie Chan adds that the core concept of the recipe booklet is to showcase the versatility of the brand’s range, meaning customers don’t need to follow each recipe verbatim.

“Café owners are busy, which is why we do our part in translating trends into recipes, so they can focus on running their business,” she says. “At the same time, our recipes are a springboard for creation that cafés can use to try new things.”

Kylie says the café owners need to understand what kind of drink best fits the café’s identity.

“The first thing we think about when engineering new recipes is educating cafés,” she says. “We encourage them to pick products, recipes, and flavours that best suit their area and profile.”

Arkadia’s Black Forest Hot Chocolate, according to Kylie, is the ideal menu option for a more high-end café with a younger social-media savvy crowd looking to post eye-catching content, while more familiar flavours, such as the Orange Jaffa Hot Chocolate, complement venues with a more homely feel.

Kylie adds that, regardless of your preferred winter drink recipe, every café can benefit from adding something unique to their menu rather than sticking with the basics.

“You can do so much more with a standard hot chocolate or a chai,” she says. “Experimentation is part of the process, and we love seeing what people can come up with on their own.”

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