Arkadia’s recipe booklet adds 10 new drinks


Beverage specialist Arkadia has added 10 new recipes to its online booklet, giving cafés time to prepare their winter menus.

The recipe booklet showcases a variety of food and drink options that incorporate Arkadia’s range of syrups and flavourings.

“Cafe owners are busy enough as they are, which is why we do our part in researching current trends and putting them into recipes that cafes can add to their menus,” says Arkadia Brand Manager Kylie Chan.

The new additions to the booklet, according to Kylie, aim to tap into nostalgic feelings among consumers, with many of the options reflecting on childhood memories and treats.

Among the new recipes are the Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate, S’Mores Mint Hot Chocolate, and the Confetti Cookie Latte.

“During the winter season, it’s all about giving consumers those warm, comforting cups,” says Kylie.

Each recipe is created and tested by Arkadia’s research and development team to find the right quantities of each ingredient.

“These recipes are just a springboard for cafés to come up with their own creations,” Kylie says.

To access the full Arkadia recipe booklet, click here.

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