Artem Kryuchenkov wins 2023 ASCA Coffee Roasting Championship

2023 ASCA Coffee Roasting Championship

Artem Kryuchenkov has won the 2023 Australian Specialty Coffee Association (ASCA) Coffee Roasting Championship. The competition finals took place from 26 to 27 August at Criteria Coffee in Melbourne, Victoria.

Ben Toovey came in second and Chuan Gao placed third.

Competitors were challenged to test their skills over several rounds of coffee grading, profile development and ultimate cup quality.

Artem will head to Taipei to represent Australia later this year to compete in the annual World Roasting Championships at the Taiwan International Coffee Show.

ASCA thanks sponsors AMC Roastery Supply, Condesa Co.Lab and Criteria Coffee for their support in the finals.

The next ASCA event to take place is the 2023 Coffee in Good Spirits Championship which will be held in Sydney, New South Wales at Sammy Jnr on 10 September.

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