ASCA all aboard for 2020


The Australian Specialty Coffee Association welcomes its new board members and thanks those departing.

With the election of a new board, so begins a new chapter for the Australian Specialty Coffee Association.

Kieran Westlake is the President of the Australian Specialty Coffee Association.

I’ve talked a lot about how 2020 is the year for ASCA – there are numerous things we’re doing differently from past years to keep the association thriving.

This was cemented by the election of several new board members at the recent annual general meeting, held in Melbourne on 25 October.

We greeted several much-loved and familiar industry faces to the ASCA Board, bringing with them fresh ideas and new directions. They include Craig Simon, David Seng, and Jane Clarke. We are excited by your presence and are looking forward to working with you to make the Australian industry bigger and better than ever. 

For anyone who’s been following the specialty coffee industry over the past few years, I’m sure these three members need no introduction. 

Craig is a former Australian Barista Champion, having represented us on the world stage on three separate occasions, most recently in 2018. A boutique roaster, we welcome Craig as head of the Roasters Guild. 

David is a World Coffee Events-accredited judge and respected barista trainer in Melbourne. We welcome David as head of the Barista Guild.

Jane is the familiar face behind the Pauls Professional brand in Australia. Jane has also been heavily involved in ASCA for years, from judging to organising competitions and local events. We’re pleased to have Jane as our newest Ordinary Member.

Of course, to welcome these talented individuals to the board, we have had to say goodbye to some dedicated coffee professionals.

I am humbled to have worked alongside industry stalwarts Nic Michaelides, David Boudrie, and Michaela Gerard as Vice President, Secretary, and head of the Barista Guild respectively. 

As many of you would know, Nic, David, and Michaela are much-loved within the industry, having committed hundreds – if not thousands – of hours of their time over the years to make ASCA and our activations and competitions a success. I’m pleased to note that while they may have left the board, Nic, David, and Michaela will still be seen regularly at events around the country. 

I am also pleased to introduce our new Vice President, Bruno Maiolo, and Secretary, Melissa Caia. Bruno and Melissa have both served on the board over the past year. Having them in senior positions moving forward speaks to the continuity we are seeking to establish with regard to the strategic direction of the association. 

Don’t forget – if you want to contact any of the board, or have questions, you can do so via

We’re here to listen and ensure that we’re serving you, so please don’t hesitate to let us know how we can provide you with the best value and quality industry connections and information.

Here’s to the best year yet. 

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