ASCA announces finalists for 2023 Roasting Championship

asca barista championships

The Australian Speciality Coffee Association (ASCA) has announced its 2023 Roasting Championship Preliminary results.

The following competitors made it through to the final in ranked order:

  1. Allan Yeh
  2. Danny Cao
  3. Ben Toovey
  4. Artem Kryuchenkov
  5. Liam Pratt
  6. Jack Mann
  7. Dung Chuan Wen
  8. Rowena Chansiri
  9. Chuan Gao
  10. James Tan
  11. Rummy Keshet
  12. Anthony Piper

Competitors endured several rounds of testing in coffee grading, profile development and ultimate cup quality.

The initial plan for the competition was to advance the top 10 scores to the final round. However, the head judges along with the national body representative decided to re-cup the competitors who finished from placings 10-15 after the top nine had been confirmed.

The results of the re-cup still left the competition without a top 10, which led the judges to progress 12 competitors to the finals, with the last place awarded to the competitor with the highest “affective” taste scores.

The finalists will compete for the ASCA Coffee Roasting Championship in September, where the winner will go on to challenge the best baristas in the World Coffee Roasting Championship, taking place from 17 to 20 November in Taipei, Taiwan.

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