ASCA launches first Australian Coffee Roasting Championship

The Australian Specialty Coffee Association (ASCA) is proud to announce the launch of its inaugural ASCA Australian Coffee Roasting Championship.

The event will take place at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE) from 30 March to 1 April.

The competition will be run to World Coffee Events regulations. The winner of the Australian competition will go on to represent the country at the World Coffee Roasting Championship, taking place in Guangzhou, China in December 2017.

The competition tests the skills of the individual roaster, with all competitors roasting coffee live in the Grand Pavilion over the three days of MICE. Over this intense, multi-day event, competitors will be asked to asses and roast a single origin coffee and a blend to plan for assessment by an experienced panel of cuppers. All coffee will be provided by Condesa.

“Condesa is proud to support the first Coffee Roasting Championship in Australia. To support our industry is something we are passionate about and to provide roasters with a platform to showcase their talents is an exciting opportunity,” says Muki Yeung, responsible for Coffee Quality at Condesa. “Condesa will be working with ASCA to select coffees that will challenge the local coffee roasting community.”

Additional support for the competition comes from Toper who will be providing sample roasting machines that will run throughout MICE. Cropster will be providing roasting software for the event.

Lucy Ward, Head of the ASCA Roasters Guild, has spent the past year organising the competition, in response to a strong demand from Australians to take part in this global event.

“We have long known that Australian roasters are some of the best in the world. Now we’ll have a chance to prove it,” says Lucy.

Eight positions will be available for the first competition. Only eight positions are available to compete, click here to register.

Viewing the competition is included in tickets to MICE visit

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