ASCA looking for competition volunteers

The Australian Specialty Coffee Association (ASCA) is seeking volunteers to support the 2019 competition year.

Volunteers who love all things coffee, want experience in event management, or to find out what goes behind the scenes at a national event, are encouraged to apply by filling out this survey.

Volunteering at ASCA competitions is a great opportunity to get up close and personal with your favourite baristas, and network in the coffee industry.

Volunteer applications are currently open for the following competitions:

15 – 16 September: Northern Region Championship, Veneziano West End
13 – 14 October: Southern Region Championship, Criteria Coffee
27 – 28 October: Central Region Championship, Specialty Coffee Curators
3 – 4 November: Western Region Championship, Double Shot Festival

All volunteers this year will be given a complementary Guild Membership, as well as an ASCA t-shirt.

Such voluntary positions will include runners, timekeepers, station monitors and backstage and onstage runners.

Volunteer baristas are also needed for judges calibration, and the roasting competitions.

Volunteers play a huge role in ensuring the events run smoothly.

To apply, fill out this survey by Friday 31 August.

For more information, contact

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