ASCA Southern Region Barista Guild to host The Coffee Man screening

The Australian Specialty Coffee Association (ASCA) Southern Region Barista Guild will host a screening of The Coffee Man film on 14 June, starring Ona Coffee’s Sasa Sestic.

From 5pm the coffee community is invited to attend The Craft and Co on Smith Street in Collingwood, Victoria and participate in a cupping of Ona Coffees, sampled from regions featured in the film, followed by the screening of The Coffee Man.

The film explores the world of specialty coffee and the lengths current World Barista Champion Sasa went to in pursuit of the world championship title in Seattle, United States.

The movie sees Sasa trekking across the globe from Ethiopia to Colombia to Seattle, searching for the best beans, smuggling milk into the US, and outclassing almost 52 competitors on the world competition stage.

The Coffee Man, thanks to sponsors including Riverina Fresh, will be released nationally to cinemas via Tugg, and make its world premiere in Australia on 18 May.

Tickets to the Victorian event cost $25. Drinks will be available at bar prices.

To book your place tick here.

In addition, the ASCA Southern Region Barista Guild has a number of events to get excited about.

This includes the fourth Golden Plate Barista regional competition in Geelong in July, a Tasmania Barista Smackdown in July, a Barista Guild Origin Trip in September, and the Southern Region Barista Competition 2016. Venues and dates to be advised.

“These events are about bringing the industry together, to have a good time and make connections,” said David Boudrie, Head of ASCA Southern Region Barista Guild. “We hope to provide an environment where the coffee community can learn, and we look forward to providing that opportunity with the screening of The Coffee Man.”

For more information visit or stay connected via the ASCA Southern Region Barista Guild Facebook page:

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