ASCA to host Brazil COE Cuppings around Australia

The Australian Specialty Coffee Association (ASCA) has announced it will host a series of special cuppings of the current Cup of Excellence (COE) winners from the Brazil Natural and Pulp Natural competitions across Australia from 30 November to 17 December.

The coffees are pre-auction samples. ASCA is inviting interested participants to attend the cuppings and engage with other people to create buying groups, or with importers to find out what coffee they are bidding on.

“They are some of the most sought after coffees in the world,” ASCA says.

The Brazil COE schedule will take place at the following venues:

30 November at 5.30pm
Sensory Lab
2b/706 Lorimer Street, Port Melbourne

5 December 6.00pm
Seven Miles Coffee Roasters Sydney
75 Kenneth Road, Manly Vale

2 December 6pm
Grouch & Co Coffee Roasters, WA
U1/45 McCoy Street, Myaree, Western Australia

17 December 6pm
Seven Miles Coffee Roasters, QLD
1/6 Barnett Place, Molendinar

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