#ASCATop12 reveals nation’s top ranked baristas


The Australian Specialty Coffee Association (ASCA) has ranked Hugh Kelly of Ona Coffee the top barista in Australia according to its 2020 #ASCAtop12 list.

The announcement was made on 6 December following the completion of all regional competitions, and a comparison of scores across the country.

ASCA announced David Train as the top ranked brewer, Victor Vu of Bicycle Thieves as the highest ranked latte artist, and Frankie Shi as the top placed cup taster.

The #ASCATop12 is a ranking system that seeds Australian competitors. All Regional winners for each competition go straight through to the respective semi-final of their discipline, regardless of where they place in the #ASCATop12.

The remaining eight competitors go to the Open Heats in each competition at the Condesa Co Lab Australian Coffee Championships. In the event that a regional winner does not make the #ASCATop12, an extra spot will be opened up in the Open Heats to accommodate the 12th highest placed competitor in that discipline.

Due to increasing volume of competitors in each category, the seeding will help decide who gets the precious twelve spots in the open heats at the Condesa Co Lab 2020 Australian Coffee Championships, taking place at Taste Australia from 27 to 30 March. Click HERE for more info.

All Regional winners go straight through to the semi-final of their disciplines.

The ASCA top 12 rankings are (regional champions in bold):

Australian Baristas:

  1. Hugh Kelly
  2. Tilly Sproule
  3. Anthony Douglas
  4. Alex Murfet
  5. Sargara Varamulia
  6. Zhuolu Xie
  7. Ben Cheong
  8. Matthew Goncalves
  9. Theveshran Moodley
  10. Sarah Jin
  11. Cindy Carolina
  12. Lena Richrath


Australian Brewers Cup:

  1. David Train
  2. Carlos Escobar
  3. Jack Allisey
  4. Anthony Sofatzis
  5. Sarah Jin
  6. Hyunsuk Ko
  7. Jack Henderson
  8. Yanina Ferreyra
  9. Brad Kim
  10. Devin Loong
  11. Hany Ezzat
  12. Angus Mackie

ASCA 2020 Western Region Brewers Cup Champion Heath Dalziel will also advance straight to the Semi Finals.


Australian Latte Artists:

  1. Victor Vu
  2. Kyujong Han
  3. Louis Cheung
  4. Zhao-Ting Wu
  5. Alice Park
  6. Kim Youngjun
  7. Pisitpol Pensookpitak
  8. Yue Huang
  9. Andy Tseng
  10. Jibbi Little
  11. Ming Wan
  12. Vincent Do


Australian Cup Tasters:

  1. Frankie Shi
  2. Lloyd Thom
  3. Dongyeong Kim
  4. Kyoungha “Charlie” Chu
  5. Jie Gu (Jay)
  6. Ru Teow
  7. Sangchhl Lee (Mitch)
  8. Sinwu Nam
  9. Yuki Saito
  10. Paul Cheng
  11. Sheng-Wei Wu
  12. Ry Yu (Ryan)

ASCA 2020 Northern Region Brewers Cup Champion Karl Lee will also advance straight to the Semi Finals.

Congratulations to the #ASCATop12. All competitors will be notified by email, where full registration details will be communicated.

For more information, visit australianspecialtycoffee.com.au

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