Assertiveness training to take place for hospitality workers in Sydney

Assertiveness training hospitality

American coffee podcast Map It Forward and Collective Roasting Solutions will host a full-day assertiveness training workshop tailored specifically to professionals and business owners in the hospitality industry, at UTS Business School on 21 September.

Australian Clinical Neuropsychologist Dr Jamie Berry and Map It Forward Founder Lee Safar will host the session, titled Assertiveness Training for the Hospitality Industry.

“Modern Australian culture has deep ties to the hospitality industry. Our love of good food, coffee, and alcohol goes hand in hand with the hospitable service we are accustomed to receiving from the staff and business owners of the cafes, restaurants, and bars we frequent,” Lee says.

“A lack of industry-wide customer and workplace communications training has left hospitality professionals often underprepared to deal with quickly escalating, stressful environments, both front and back of house. This, more often than not, manifests as anxiety, depression and addiction resulting in toxic workplace environments. We now have the insight and tools to provide targeted training and empower lasting change in our industry.”

Jamie will focus his presentation on distinguishing assertive behaviour from passive or aggressive behaviour, demonstrating greater verbal and non-verbal assertiveness skills, and applying assertiveness within the workplace and life to maximise care to self and minimise harm to others.

“Attendees of this assertiveness training will leave the workshop with a new perspective about justice and rights, a new set of verbal and nonverbal communication skills and a sense of empowerment,” Jamie says.

One hundred tickets have been made available to attendees and can be purchased at for $75 per person.

Map It Forward says ticket prices, normally $400, have been made more affordable thanks to the support of event sponsors Campos Coffee, Milklab, Numero Uno Coffee Roasters, Kounta, Cofinet, and Stitch Coffee.

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