Aus Gov expands PMSOL to support economic recovery from COVID-19

Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List

The Australian Government has added Chef to the Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL), which identifies professions with “critical skills” needed for Australia’s economic recovery from COVID-19.

Announced on 22 June, Chef was one of 22 jobs added to the PMSOL, bringing the total list to 41 occupations.

Alex Hawke MP, The Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs, says employees with sponsored nominations or visa applications for these occupations will be given priority processing.

Other notable occupations alongside chefs include mining, petroleum, and geotechnical engineers, with gaps in these jobs causing shortages in Australia’s hospitality and resource industries.

Compiled by Commonwealth departments and the National Skills Commission, Alex says the government has engaged with small to large Australian employers, businesses and industry bodies to determine these changes.

“The Morrison Government will continue to support Australian businesses, including through skilled migration, as the engine room of our nation’s economy,” says Minister Hawke.

Restaurant & Catering Australia (R&CA) applauds the change to include Chef on the PMSOL list, stating this change will boost recovery for hospitality businesses across Australia.

Con Castrisos, R&CA National President says, “These skilled migrants are a critical part of thousands of hospitality business across the country, keeping businesses open for longer hours and keeping dozens of Australian workers in job.”

According to Con, these workers also train Australia’s next generation of chefs in cuisines from across the globe.

Wes Lambert, R&CA CEO says the move stems from the Joint Standing Committee on Migration’s Interim Report into Skilled Migration findings.

“R&CA had been strongly advocating for these changes both to the Morrison Government and to the Joint Standing Committee,” Wes says. “These changes will help businesses across our sector access the skills they need to grow their business and employ more Australians”,

The Australian Resources and Energy Group AMMA also welcomes this change.

Steve Knott, AMMA CEO says, “Prolonged closed borders to the small pool of international skilled migrants that supplement our domestic workforces has wreaked havoc on Australia’s resources industry, as it has most others.”

AMMA congrats the Australian Government for acting upon industry advice with the announcement marking the findings from the Senate enquiry being put into effect.

“The next step is for government to urgently formulate a roadmap to both domestic and international reopening,” says Steve. “A clear roadmap will provide the business community with certainty and confidence to plan for future investment and employment opportunities.”

The list is temporary and subject to change as Australia recovers from COVID-19 impacts, dependent on the Australian labour market and new data.

For a list of the PMSOL occupations, please click here.

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