Australia to host seven regional AeroPress competitions

Event organisers have announced seven regional AeroPress competitions will take place across the country and conclude with the national championship in Melbourne on 19 September.  

The first regional event will start on 27 July in Canberra at Red Brick Espresso and end in Perth at Laika Coffee Roasters & Micrology Coffee Roasters on 9 September. 

“It was a tough decision this year, as we received a resounding amount of interest to host events in Australia, but we have our final list. We’re overjoyed to have a former Australian AeroPress Champion host in Adelaide, and for the first time in Perth, we have two hosts collaborating,” says event organisers. 

The full regional tour includes: 

27/07: Australia Capital Territory hosted by Red Brick Espresso

04/08: Tasmania hosted by Pilgrim Coffee

11/08: New South Wales hosted by Five Senses Coffee

15/08: Queensland hosted by Wolff Coffee Roasters

16/08: Victoria hosted by Coffee Supreme

17/08: South Australia hosted by Soho Coffee Roasters

07/09: Western Australia hosted by Laika Coffee Roasters & Micrology Coffee Roasters

19/09: Australian National hosted by Seven Seeds Coffee

The competition itself is a multi-round elimination tournament .In each round, three competitors will face off against each other, simultaneously brewing a single cup of coffee using the AeroPress brewer. Competitors have eight minutes in which to prepare, brew, and present their coffee to a panel of three judges. Drinks are presented in identical vessels, so judges can’t know who brewed which cup.

The judges evaluate each coffee and make their own assessment as to which is the best. On the count of three, judges simultaneously point to their favourite coffee, moving the winner on to the next round while eliminating the losers.

The winner of the Australian title will compete in the World AeroPress Championship, taking place in Sydney in November.  

The World AeroPress Championship is a global coffee-making competition, designed to find the world’s best cup of AeroPress coffee.

Each season is comprised of a series regional and national competitions, run by independent hosts across 60 countries, which culminates with the World AeroPress Championship final. 

At it’s heart, the World AeroPress Championship exists to bring coffee-loving people together in an open, inclusive, and fun environment.

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