Australian Barista Champion Jack Simpson helps CWE unveil Mazzer’s latest grinders


Back-to-back Australian Barista Champion Jack Simpson helped CWE introduce Mazzer’s two latest grinders to the Australian market at Melbourne International Coffee Expo 2024.

For many Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE) visitors, the May event was their first opportunity to view and road-test new technology and innovations unveiled at the Host Milano exhibition last year.

For coffee equipment importer and distributor Coffee Works Express (CWE), the Melbourne event is the perfect platform to introduce customers to a wide range of new products from its international partners. It’s also an opportunity to collaborate with its ambassadors, such as Australian Barista Champion and World Barista Championship runner-up Jack Simpson, to demonstrate the kit in action.

“MICE is a great place to showcase everything that’s new in the industry, and that’s what we hope to bring,” says CWE Marketing and Brand Manager Natalie Kollar. “We want to give the Australian market what they’ve been asking for.”

One of the most anticipated product ranges is the latest coffee machines from Wega: the WBar and Nova. The Nova was designed with ergonomic and user-friendly features to improve the barista experience, while the WBar includes an optional Autosteamer function which can be activated with the touch of a button.

The CWE stand also showcased Barista Attitude’s single-boiler Pilot espresso machine. Its features include a long steam arm which produces dry steam and no additional water dispersal to ensure consistent milk foam.

For those interested in the integration of tradition and automation, the Mytico line from Franke was on display too. The CWE team are particularly excited about the range’s Duo and Vario hybrid coffees machines.

“Franke is known for its super- automatic machines, but the Mytico blends automation beautifully with a real barista feel,” says Natalie.

Mazzer’s Philos grinder also made its Oceanic debut at the Expo. The compact light commercial single-dose grinder weighs around 12.5 kilograms and is best suited to cafés and roasters. Its straightforward design is exemplified by its on/off button: a simple flick of the switch is all that’s required once the beans are manually measured and loaded into the hopper.

“Because it’s got a very specific and niche use, we did some demonstrations on the stand to give it a proper introduction,” says Natalie.

The Mazzer Kony Sg accompanied the Philos on the CWE stand. Made with busy cafés in mind, this device is Mazzer’s first commercial gravimetric grinder. Its vibration control system can weigh each dose to provide a consistent result. It also features a built-in scale which weighs each dose within a precision of one hundredth of a gram.

“The Kony Sg is a high volume, state- of-the-art grinder that people have been requesting for a while now,” says Natalie.

Pete Licata, 2013 World Barista Champion and long-term friend of Mazzer, also helped showcase the two grinders.

“I was part of the team that worked on the development and refinement of the Philos,” Pete says. “Our goal was to create a zero-retention grinder with unimodal grind cut burrs suitable for home and light commercial use.”

Pete says these features help the Philos maintain each coffee’s distinct flavours.

“It’s very different to what Mazzer has done in the past, but the quality is still exceptional,” he says.

Joining Pete at CWE’s stand was Jack Simpson, winner of the past two Australian Barista Championships. Jack became a Mazzer brand ambassador in February, marking the beginning of a partnership that’s close to his heart.

“I was over the moon to join the Mazzer team as it’s a company I’ve always wanted to work with,” Jack says. “It embodies many of the principles I follow within specialty coffee, such as quality and consistency.

“The first grinder I ever used in a café was a Mazzer, and I still use the company’s products today. It’s a company I truly respect in the industry.”

Jack thinks the Philos is one of the more unique grinders he has worked with.

“It’s not a big grinder, so it also appeals to the home market,” he says. “There aren’t a lot of options in this area of the market at the moment.”

Jack says the Philos grinder reflects the level of quality that has made the Mazzer brand well-known around the world.

“That’s why you’ll see Mazzer on a lot of café benches, because its grinders keep producing consistently high-quality coffee,” he says. “It’s the kind of product and brand I am happy to associate my name with.

“I’m excited to show those who haven’t tried Mazzer products before exactly what they’re capable of.”

CWE’s Natalie says the excitement surrounding Jack’s partnership with Mazzer is palpable.

“It’s great to have someone based in Australia join the Mazzer team,” Natalie says.

“Jack is an all-round fantastic guy with great talent. He knows these grinders inside and out. He has a real passion and knowledge for the importance of grinding, and he knows how to look at things from a barista’s point of view. It will be a great experience having him showcase Mazzer’s new products to Australia.”

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