Australian Coffee in Good Spirits Championship to take place this Thursday

Australian Coffee in Good Spirits Championship

Australia’s premiere coffee cocktail competition, the Coffee in Good Spirits Championship, will take place at Manly Spirits Co in Brookvale, New South Wales on 2 May.

The Monin-sponsored Australian Specialty Coffee Association event promotes innovative beverage recipes that showcase coffee and spirits in a competition format. Competitors must make a signature beverage and Irish coffee using Manly Spirits Co’s Terra Firma vodka.

This year’s competitors include Jin Hyeok Choi, Nate Lee, Danny Wilson, Hyemi Lee, David Boudrie, Chanho Hong, Tristan Clark, and William O’Neill.

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In the competition’s preliminary round, mixologists produce four drinks – two identical hot/warm coffee drinks and two identical cold drinks.

The six competitors with the highest preliminary round scores will compete in the final round, where they will produce two Irish Coffees and two coffee-and-alcohol-based designer drinks. The highest scoring final round competitor is named the champion.

The competition begins at 4pm with the winner announcement scheduled for 8:30pm.

Attendance is free and food will be available via food trucks.

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