Australian International Coffee Awards judging in action

Australian International Coffee Awards 2023

Australia’s leading international coffee roasting competition, the Royal Melbourne 2022 Australian International Coffee Awards, is taking place until 10 August at Melbourne Showgrounds in Victoria.

This year, roasters will have the opportunity to nominate the milk the coffee is paired with that will best showcase their beans. Riverina Fresh is supplying its dairy milk for the competition, and entrants can sample and choose soy, almond or oat milk from the Alternative Dairy Co.

The Filter Category has been reworked to acknowledge its growth and will see four trophies awarded: Best Pour Over (Blend), Best Pour Over (Single Origin), Best Immersion (Blend) and Best Immersion (Single Origin). This brings it in line with the espresso categories and recognises the difference between blend and single origin coffees.

“These exciting category changes ensure the Australian International Coffee Awards are at the forefront of industry trends, production techniques and consumer interest,” says Brad Jenkins, CEO Melbourne Royal.

“The Australian International Coffee Awards conducted by Melbourne Royal attracts roasteries and roasters from around the world because it offers a valuable opportunity to benchmark against industry standards, receive valuable feedback, continue to improve quality and inspire innovation and new trends.”

Trophy winners will be announced on International Coffee Day, 1 October, as part of the 2022 Melbourne Royal Show.

For more information, visit the Melbourne Royal website.

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