Australian Women in Coffee Association forms

Maria Paoli of Melbourne Coffee Tours is launching the Australian Women in Coffee Association.

“This association is about combining two important passions in my life: history in coffee and helping others,” Maria said.

There is no membership fee. Maria says the formation of the association is her way of recognising “what has been and is being contributed by women” within the coffee industry, and providing support and friendship.

“When I was in Rimini, Italy in 2014, Elli (Eleonora) Genovese and I spent every day together. One of the things we spoke about was forming a group for girls in the industry. It was just talk at the time but I knew I had to do something for Australian women in coffee,” Maria said.

“My drive is to not only unite but to also become a formidable network united in looking after our ‘sisters’ and assisting women less advantaged.”

A facebook page will be available with information on how to join.

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