Australians place fifth at World Coffee Championships

Coffee in Good Spirits Championship

The World Coffee Championships (WCC) saw three Australians compete on the world stage from 23 to 25 June at World of Coffee Milan.

Victor Vu of Ona Coffee placed fifth in the World Latte Art Championship (WLAC). His free pour patterns consisted of a Spartan Helmet and Taurus bull, his designer latte partner was the Hunting Hawk, and his macchiato design was a Happy Chameleon.

Ona Coffee Head Roaster Danny Wilson also placed fifth in the World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship (WCIGS). Danny’s signature cocktail was an Espresso Memento, consisting of four espresso shots with 20 grams in and 40 grams out, 25 milligrams of passionfruit syrup, 30 milligrams of gin, and 90 milligrams of sparkling apple juice.

Daniel Shadbolt of Veneziano Coffee Roasters represented Australia in the World Coffee Roasting Championship (WCRC).

The WCRC is a three-stage event in which competitors are assessed on their performance evaluating the quality of green coffee, developing a roasting profile that best accentuates the desirable characteristics of that coffee, and on the ultimate cup quality of coffees roasted.

BeanScene congratulates all competitors who participated in the World Coffee Championships in Milan.

For more information and to view the Livestream of the events, visit the World Coffee Championships website.

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