Australia’s Hugh Kelly, Charlie Chu Kyoungha, and Carlos Escobar all through to Finals

Final WBC

Australia’s Hugh Kelly of Ona Coffee has made it through to the Semi Finals of the World Barista Championship (WBC) taking place at Host Milan from the 22 to 26 October.

Hugh joins Diego Campos of Colombia, Wojciech Tysler of Ireland, Emi Fukahori of Switzerland, Andrea Allen of the United States and Martin Shabaya of Kenya in the final round. Click here to learn about Hugh Kelly’s WBC routines.

Charlie Chu Kyoungha of Ona Coffee has progressed to the Semi Finals of the World Cup Tasters Championship after correctly tasting 8/8 cups correctly in a time of four minutes and 20 seconds. He will compete in day three of the competition and is currently ranked in third position.

Carlos Escobar of Toby’s Estate has also booked his place in the World Brewers Cup Final.

Carlos joins Daiki Hatakeyama of Japan, Tomas Taussig of the Czech Republic, Matt Winton of Switzerland, Elika Liftee of the United States and Ply Pasarj of Canada, in the final round.

Watch all three finalists compete on 26 October via the Livestream.

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