Ethan Miller

Business Development Manager espresso

Business Development Manager – Espresso Company Australia


Espresso Company Australia is one of Australia’s most established suppliers of coffee equipment.

We are uniquely positioned to work alongside a network of companies within the Australian coffee industry, making access to the brands we carry and support, simple throughout the country. Read more

Out of the Blue, the barista behind the coffee machine

Behind every delicious latte and memorable mocha is a coffee enthusiast we know of as a “barista”. They may be the very first person we speak to in the morning, and their friendly smile and magic way with coffee can make a serious impact on the rest of our day. Read more

Blue Zone Wellbeing Kitchen

Blue Zone Wellbeing Kitchen

While specialty coffee and supermarkets aren’t always associated together, Blue Zone Wellbeing Kitchen at Pasadena Foodland is changing this perception serving specialty coffee by Paradox Coffee Roasters. Read more

bissel b

Bissel B.

New York has captured the hearts and minds of many around the world, including that of Jessica Kurban, Owner of Bissel B. café which offers New-York inspired bagels.  Read more

Chocolate Moments

Chocolate Moments

Born with congenital blindness, Gerrard Gosens has lived an extraordinary life, from climbing Mount Everest to performing the salsa on Dancing with the Stars to receiving the Order of Australia medal in 2012. Gerrard is also a master chocolatier who, together with wife Heather Gosens, opened Chocolate Moments café more than a decade ago.  Read more

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