Shanna Wong

Exclusive Coffee

First Costa Rican coffee private estate auction

Held on 24 June, Exclusive Coffees from Costa Rica, and Sensible Development from the United Kingdom are partnering together to celebrate Costa Rican coffee producers by auctioning nano-lots of coffee on Sensible Development’s online auction platform.

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Prana Chai Original Blend 250g

Prana Chai is lovingly handcrafted fresh every day in Melbourne. To make the fan favourite Original Blend, Prana Chai mixes Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance certified premium black tea leaves, whole spices, and ginger for an all-natural, preservative-free sticky chai. Read more

Colombia Cup of Excellence

Record coffee prices sold at Colombia Cup of Excellence

On 3 June, Colombia held its first Cup of Excellence auction for 2021. Pablo Andrés Guerrero Pérez’s washed Gesha from his “Obraje” farm, in Buesaco, Nariño sold for a record price of $135.10 per pound beating the previous record of $70 per pound, set in 2020. Read more



While the Australian brunch scene is dictated by fast moving trends and Instagramable dishes, Harry Paton, Mitch Jones, Michael Ico, and Daniel Harrison wanted to create a café that was classic, simple, and honest.

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