Barbosa Fine Foods

Barbosa Fine Foods

While Barbosa is a name many film fans will associate with The Pirates of the Caribbean, thanks to Barbosa Fine Food Deli, the population of Robina in Queensland instead connects the name to good coffee and high-end organic products.

Located in the food precinct of the Robina Town Centre, Barbosa Fine Foods provides fresh local produce, as well as imported cheeses, meats, and other items you’d expect to find at an Italian deli.

Jose Teixeira opened the deli/café two years ago, after more than three decades of experience in the hospitality industry. He says the community has responded well to the deli’s natural offerings.

“We’re seeing more and more people want those healthy options,” Jose says. “They want to make sure that their products are pesticide-free and a lot people are looking for local produce too.”

While the deli focuses on high-end delicacies, the café serves up breakfast and lunch café favourites. A standout is the scrambled eggs a la Barbosa – crème fraiche scrambled eggs served on sourdough and topped with crumbled soppressata salami, spring onion, and za’atar spices.

“Those flavours complement each other quite well and it’s proven to be quite popular,” Jose says.

For coffee, Barbosa Fine Foods prepares Adore Coffee Roasters’ Fairtrade-certified Organic blend with a La Marzocco espresso machine. 

“I’ve been dealing with [Adore Coffee Roasters Director] Nick Mastro for probably 15 years now,” Jose says.

“I like working with a company where I’m not just a number. There’s a relationship between us and them, which is the good thing about dealing with a smaller company like Adore.”

Jose believes to succeed in hospitality, café owners must partner with the right people, like Adore Coffee Roasters, who are passionate about what they do.

“You want to work with people who understand and want to grow the industry, rather than those who come in because they think they can make a quick buck out of it,” Jose says.

“If everybody provides a good product, it will benefit the industry as a whole.”

In the near future, Jose hopes to expand the deli and café offerings.

“It’s a great feeling to see the same faces coming in again on a daily or weekly basis,” he says. “It lets you know you’re doing something right.”

Barbosa Fine Foods
Robina Town Centre Drive, Robina, Queensland, 4230
Open Monday to Wednesday and Friday to Saturday 7:30am to 5:30pm, Thursday 7:30am to 8pm, and Sunday 7:30am to 5pm
(07) 5593 3135

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