Barista Attitude explains why the Tempesta is a competition-worthy machine

Barista Attitude Tempesta

Lights. Camera. Action. The world’s best baristas are set to compete in the World Barista Championship, and Barista Attitude’s Tempesta multi-boiler machine is ready to ride the journey every step of the way.

The first ancient Olympic Games can be traced back to Olympia, Greece in 776 BC, and the first modern Olympics were held in Athens in 1986. This year, the Mediterranean city and capital of Greece will host another prominent battle when the World Barista Championship (WBC) takes place at World of Coffee Athens from 22 to 24 June.

The ancient Olympics celebrated extraordinary athletic ability and strength, with a horse for chariot racing and discus and javelin for track events. Barista’s competing in this year’s so called “Olympics of coffee” however, will have one important tool to rely on: the Barista Attitude Tempesta Gara espresso machine.

“We’re excited to have the Tempesta multi-boiler machine used again by the world’s best baristas. The machine was designed to enhance the user experience and put the barista in the spotlight, and we’re confident the machine will do just that on the competition stage,” says Cinzia Pietrobon, Barista Attitude Brand Manager.

The Tempesta made its competition debut at the 2022 Melbourne International Coffee Expo, which hosted the WBC in September 2022. Now it’s time for the industry’s best baristas to show the world their talent using the WBC Qualified Espresso Machine for the second year.

“The Tempesta is with the barista from the start to the end of their routine. They must prepare their espresso shots with absolute accuracy. They must create a well textured milk-based beverage, and they have to let their creativity shine in the signature drink. All of these elements involve using the Tempesta to bring their coffees and routine to life. It’s a big responsibility but one we believe the Tempesta can handle with ease of operation,” Cinzia says.

Released in 2022, the Tempesta Gara is the result of Barista Attitude’s collaboration with baristas who asked the Italian manufacturer to develop a machine with the highest level of features that can make the biggest different to their extraction, such as the inclusion of a WST ridgeless competition filter.

The Tempesta’s touchscreen interface is designed to make life easier for the barista, as well as arming them with knowledge and the power to control the brewing of the coffee. Displays on the group head make it simple for operators to receive performance and extraction data in real-time. It includes information and the adjustability on pre- infusion, pressure, flow and brewing and water temperature, extraction time, and the profile for each group.

With the multi-boiler system, the operator can control pre-infusion and individual temperature settings on each group, to be changed with a precision of +/- 0.5.

Cinzia says active temperature- controlled group heads combine maximum precision in water delivery with high responsiveness to temperature adjustments. It takes less than five minutes to navigate up and down the full temperature spectrum allowed by WBC rules, all while complying with WBC’s strict temperature and pressure requirements.

“This is a feature I’m confident baristas around the world will be impressed with,” Cinzia says. “The Tempesta multi-boiler machine is designed to make any barista feel confident and empowered to make a quality espresso, whether it’s in a busy café environment or on the competition stage. But especially when it comes to using the Tempesta in the WBC – in what can be the most important routine of a barista’s career – they want confidence in their espresso machine, the possibility to experiment, but be in total control.”

Tempesta’s long steam arms support baristas to be more precise and customise milk froth for specific demand. It also allows them to move the steam wand to any position they desire, and control the temperature and speed of steam via the lever for desired consistency and texture.

The machine features Super Dry technology without need for additional water. Cinzia says it’s also particularly useful for plant-based milks because they are not a mix of fat and protein, but are already full of water.

“The Tempesta machine is designed to optimise the milk frothing process for dairy and non-dairy milk. It has been shown to work exceptionally well with oat milk, as shown during previous WBCs, producing a delicious taste that rivals full-cream milk,” Cinzia says.

The automatic steam wand also has a temperature sensor and a compressor. The auto steamer pushes the steam directly into the milk jug, and the temperature sensor ensures that baristas can set different recipes and temperatures for the desired froth level.

Under the umbrella of CMA in Veneto, Italy, which has been manufacturing espresso machines since 1969, Cinzia says Barista Attitude embodies a wealth of technology and ergonomic consideration.

“The technology in Tempesta is at the highest level,” Cinzia says. “It has every feature a skilled or entry-level barista would need, now it’s up to the individual to use it as their tool for brewing excellence. We can’t wait to see what this year’s WBC baristas do in Athens with the world watching.”

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